Are you someone who’s tearing yourself apart, unable to decide whether to leave your partner or to stay? This dilemma feels terrible, dominates your life and is always in your thoughts. Because you can see both sides of the argument, this constant swinging from go to stay leaves you mentally exhausted, emotionally drained and physically ill.


Your reasons to leave may be that after many years together, you and your partner are now good friends but nothing more. Or your partner is no longer emotionally or physically there for you.

Maybe he’s been damaging your confidence, sanity and health through mental or physical abuse.

Or he’s not quite right. Or not right. Your partner may be holding values and attitudes about politics, society or people that are no longer compatible with yours. Or you’ve put up with his being unacceptably antisocial and rude for the sake of the children but now they longer live with you, you don’t want to put up with it anymore. Maybe there’s someone else that you’re attracted to. Your hair may be attractive to all to make this get the natural treatment for hair.

On the other hand, your reasons to stay may include the fact that you still think your partner has potential, or you’re worried about coping financially without him. Or you don’t want to upset and disrupt your children. You may be worrying about your biological clock ticking and worried that you won’t find anyone better in time to have a baby. Or you fear being alone. You may have invested in a house and possessions together and so the upheaval that leaving would entail is unthinkable. Possibly your partner is lovely some of the time and everyone likes him and you feel you’re being unreasonable to abandon him.

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Though you constantly think about staying and demanding new ground rules or leaving to make a new life, you do neither. Why not? Because whichever choice you make, the uncertainty of the outcome of a change surfaces fear and apprehension.

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